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How it all started

It all started when Yesti decided to move to Bali in the beginning of 2013, seeking a life of freedom and self-discovery. She was searching for a job at that time and initially stayed in a nice apartment in a beautiful area called ‚Seminyak‘ in Bali

Then she met her new neighbor and quickly became good friends, engaging in various activities together. One morning, she knocked on Yestis‘ apartment door, seeking help to send an email to a legal consulting company in Bali.

Since she didn’t have a personal email, she requested Yesti to send the CV from Yesti’s email. The next day, we received a positive response from the company, inviting her for an in-person interview. However, there was a misunderstanding because they believed the CV was Yesti. 

Yesti immediately asked her neighbour to call them and clarify the situation, explaining why she used her personal email. During the call, we were pleasantly surprised when the company asked if Yesti was also looking for a job and invited her for an interview the next day as well.

It was an unexpected turn of events. Following the interview, the company decided to hire both of them. From that point on, Yesti immersed herself in learning about immigration, visa issues, and company setup. She worked for the company for approximately five years, becoming well-versed in all the processes and problem-solving involved. After this period, she made the decision to quit and start her own online service

"We help people connect with places and services they need in Indonesia 
- including Visas, Legal and travel-related resources."

“As I have setup my business already in Indonesia, I needed some help with Legal advices. I got in touch with one of the best Lawyers who helped me a lot. I understand more about the Law. I am very happy for their approach to client. They here for you 24/7.”
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“I have received a very great recommendations for travelling around Bali with my family. I also had other questions about business in Bali and Yesti was willing to help me as well. I can only recommend. Thanks a lot.”
"I came to Bali without even knowing how the Visas work. I met Yesti and she had explained me everything about it. She helped me with my Visas, her approach was very friendly. I do not have to be stressed because of Visas. I am excited to travel around Indonesia."

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